EBF International Ambassador

Hello EBF Members, 

I am Stern, 23 years old and for the upcoming year I will be the International Ambassador for EBF. I was born and raised in Austria and came to the Netherlands one and a half years ago. However I only started my study in September 2020, so all in the midst of the fun Corona times. I am in my first year of International Business now and up until the year began I also did not live in Groningen, but in The Hague. Being fairly new to the city and having very different expectations for this semester, I think I can relate to those of you coming from other countries and how that must feel like at the moment. I have lived abroad before and I have a deeply rooted love for traveling, so I am experienced with various aspects that come when embracing a new country and culture. 

As the new International Ambassador for EBF my goal is to be a contact person to all Internationals, no matter if new in the city or already acquainted with all the little secrets the beautiful city of Groningen is hiding. I am here to help you if you are interested in becoming an EBF member and get you all hyped up about the fun and interesting events EBF is hosting. As well as to just be there for anyone who has a question or feels a bit alone in Groningen at the moment. 

So don‘t be a stranger and let me know if there is anything I can help you with and I hope to get to meet (virtual or in person) some of you in the upcoming events! 

Your International Ambassador,