Teacher at TentamenTrainingen.nl

Required language
Dutch, English


Are you looking for a study related job, do you have excellent grades and study at the faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen?

If you would like to help your fellow students and earn some good money (starting from €15,- per hour), then the position of teacher at TentamenTrainingen.nl suits you really well!

About TentamenTrainingen.nl

We are an initiative of StudeerSnel.nl and since 2014 we offer tutoring to students at 9 Universities in the Netherlands. Our mission is to help students achieve and exceed their goals’, by offering unique and quality guaranteed study support. Our study support consists of exam training courses, thesis support, exam bundles, free masterclasses and question hours.

What will you be doing?

As a teacher, you’ll be a part of the tutoring team for your study. You’ll teach a group of up to 10 persons the most important subjects of a course in (on average) 12 hours. You’ll answer questions the students have and practice exam questions with your group. Of course, you'll only teach students in courses you enjoyed and which you've completed with a good grade. 

During class, you'll follow the exam bundle which we wrote for the specific class, which consists of a summary and practice questions. You also have the possibility to write it yourself (which could lead to a compensation of up to €300,- per exam bundlel!)

What we have to offer:

  • As a teacher, you’ll earn between €15 to €23 per hour (based on your experience)

  • You’ll be trained as a teacher in our teacher-training and you have the possibility to get assigned a coach for feedback and advice on your lessons;

  • You’ll be supervised by a Trainingmanager, who’ll arrange everything for your lessons, payment etc and will evaluate your lessons with you;

  • A nice and study related addition to your resume;

  • In general, at TentamenTrainingen.nl we’ll invest in your development as a teacher and are always there for you!


  • You are willing to help others, enthusiastic and patient;

  • You study at the faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen;

  • You followed similar courses from another study or university, that are clearly above the level of the courses you would like to teach;

  • You received at least an 8 for the course(s) you would like to teach;

  • Experience in teaching is a benefit, but not a requirement;

  • You are willing to participate in our training- and coaching program, which focus on your development as a teacher.

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