ESR Fall

ESR Fall

The European Study Research is a research trip that will be organised by the European Study Research Committee in May and November. For both research trips a different committee will be responsible, which means that two European Study Research committees will be formed each year.

Together with your committee you are responsible for choosing the city and the research theme. During the trip you will be accompanied by 25 enthusiastic 2nd and 3rd year bachelor and master students who will conduct their research at the companies you will visit. The research will be prepared during the 7 week period before the trip and will be finished during the 3 weeks after the trip. 

In the meantime, you will organise a lecture, dinner and social for all the participants every week. As a committee, it is your responsibility to organise a week characterised by a perfect combination of research, companies, culture and fun!

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ESR Fall 2019

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Chairman - Chris Schomaker

Hey everyone! I am Christian, 23 years old and currently finishing my Bachelor International Business. Next to my study I really enjoy participating in different types of sports and going out with friends for dinner and drinks. Last year I joined ESR Athens as a participant, which was a lot of fun. This was one of many reasons why I chose to join the ESR committee for this fall. So far it has been great fun to participate in this committee, working together on different kind of tasks in order to make this year’s ESR Fall edition one to remember! I can really recommend you all to join in on this great experience, meeting new people, broaden your knowledge and of course having a great time during our business trip. I look forward to meeting all of you! 

Travel Coordinator/Treasurer - Jasper Piso

Hi everyone! I’m Jasper, 20 years old and currently in my third year of business administration. Besides my studies I play football at GSVV the Knickerbockers and I like to hang out with friends. ESR is the first EBF committee I applied for and the reason for this is because last years ESR trip to Athens was a fantastic experience and I really want to participate again. My role in this committee will be treasurer and travel coordinator which means that I’ll be responsible for the finances and the logistics. I hope you are all as excited as we are and I’m really looking forward to meeting you all and making ESR a great experience! 

Research Coordinator - Sophie Wilbrink

Hi everyone! I am Sophie, 20 years old and I am currently busy with my bachelor Business Administration. Right now I am following a psychology minor. Besides my studies I like to have dinner with friends, enjoy the nightlife of Groningen, play hockey or go sailing. I got inspired to organize ESR myself when I joined ESR Athens last year November. It was such a great experience, you get an insight in the daily life of companies and next to that you have a nice time enjoining the city and the nightlife accompanied by great people! During ESR I made really nice friends, including some of my own committee members right now! Within the committee I am the research coordinator. Being the research coordinator means that I am responsible for the research, the lectures and the professors. I am really looking forward to the start of ESR and to meet all of you!

Commercial Relations External - Mick Niekerk

Hi! My name is Mick, 22 years old and in September I will start the Master International Business & Management. Apart from my studies and this committee I work at a restaurant as a waiter and in my spare time I like to play baseball and hang out with friends . Last year I took part in the European Study Research trip to Athens which was such an amazing experience that I decided to apply for the committee in order to be a part of this great program again. My responsibility in this year’s ESR Fall is to keep in touch with the companies  and to arrange all the visits. I am very excited to make this trip an experience you will never forget!

Commercial Relations Internal - Max Martoredjo

Hello! My name is Max and I am 21 years old. I grew up in Hoogezand, which is a town near Groningen. At the moment, I am in my second year of the bachelor Economics and Business Economics. Furthermore, I’m practicing football and like to do some drinks. Within the European Study Research committee, I am responsible for the internal relations. This means that I’m responsible for acquiring sponsors and maintaining contact with companies in the Netherlands.  I am really looking forward to make our ESR an unforgettable experience together with you!

PR - Karin Meinders

Hi everyone! I’m Karin, 21 years old and finishing my bachelor business administration in February. Besides my study, I like to party and dance with friends or distract my fellow committee members with chitchatting. This is also my first ESR, so I’m just as excited as you are! However, this is my second committee within the EBF! In my first year I joined the Freshmen committee, which I liked so much so I decided to apply for another committee. And I’m very happy that I’m the Public Relations of ESR. This means that I will be in touch with all the participants and responsible for the promotion. I can’t wait until the first dinner and look forward to meeting you! See you soon! 

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