EBF/MARUG Recruitment Days

EBF/MARUG Recruitment Days

Every year in December the EBF/MARUG Recruitment Days are organised, which is one of the biggest recruitment events for students in the Netherlands. The EBF organises this multiple-day event together with MARUG, the marketing association. Over 600 students visit the Recruitment Days to explore their opportunities on the labour market at one of the 40 participating companies.

A broad range of activities take place during the Recruitment Days. From general lectures by companies accessible for any participant, to individual interviews with recruiters for which students are selected based on their CV. Interactive cases are offered to give students a better insight in a particular company, and in the evenings business dinners and networking socials are organised. The event is visited by students who are searching for an internship or job, but also by younger students who have just started to orientate themselves.

As a member of the Recruitment Days Committee, you will be responsible for setting up the entire event. The committee tasks include contacting the participating companies, arranging the event location and logistics, set up a program for each day and designing the promotion material for the event. You will organise an event that offers a large amount of fellow students the opportunity to get in contact with  a lot of companies, both on a formal and informal level.

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Fluency in Dutch required
20 - 40 hours
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