EBF Lustrum Committee

EBF Lustrum Committee

Once every five years the EBF celebrates its anniversary by organising the EBF Lustrum. The third EBF Lustrum takes place in September 2022! This multi-day event consists of several activities, all dedicated to stakeholders of the EBF.

These events vary from parties to recruitment events to alumni activities. Amongst other events, there was a pool party with the Partysquad and a cooking workshop with one of our Main Partners last lustrum! 

As a committee member you can gain experience in leadership, logistics, acquisition, creating promotion material and more. Do you want to organise the lustrum for one of the largest student associations of The Netherlands? Then make sure you apply for the EBF Lustrum Committee!

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Joining the committee

Fluency in Dutch not required
10 - 20 hours
Recruitment period
Suitable for
Chairman,Commercial Relations,Logistics,Public Relations,Treasurer
Social skills,Acquisitions skills,Creative skills,Problem solving skills,Organisational skills

Application for this committee is closed.

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