EBF Lustrum Day Organisation

EBF Lustrum Day Organisation

Once every five years the EBF celebrates its anniversary by organising the EBF Lustrum. The third EBF Lustrum takes place in September 2022! The EBF Lustrum Executive Board has been busy with the organisation for quite some time now. For the last few months, the EBF Lustrum Day Organisation Committee will help them with the organisation, and the recruitment for the committee is starting! 

The committee will entail 4 positions: Chairman, Commercial Relations, Public Relations and Logistics. Each position will support the EBF Lustrum Executive Board with their work. The workload of the committee will approximately be 5 to 10 hours, from the end of June until the end of September 2022. 

Learn more about the different positions here

Joining the committee

Fluency in Dutch not required
5 - 10 hours
Suitable for
Chairman,Commercial Relations,Logistics,Public Relations
Social skills,Acquisitions skills,Creative skills,Leadership skills,Problem solving skills,Organisational skills

Application for this committee is closed.

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