ESR Spring

ESR Spring

The European Study Research is a research trip that will be organised by the European Study Research Committee in May and November. For both research trips a different committee will be responsible, which means that two European Study Research committees will be formed each year.

Together with your committee you are responsible for choosing the city and the research theme. During the trip you will be accompanied by 25 enthusiastic 2nd and 3rd year students who will conduct their research at the companies you will visit. The researches will be prepared during the 7 week period before the trip and will be finished during the 3 weeks after the trip. 

In the meantime, you will organise a lecture, dinner and social for all the participants every week. As a committee, it is your responsibility to organise a week characterised by a perfect combination of research, companies, culture and fun!

You can read a testimonial of a former committee member here and read about her experiences!

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Joining the committee

Fluency in Dutch not required
10 - 20 hours
Recruitment period
Suitable for
Chairman,Commercial Relations,Logistics,Public Relations,Treasurer
Social skills,Acquisitions skills,Creative skills,Network skills,Presentation skills,Leadership skills,Organisational skills

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