Testimonial EBF Board

Testimonial EBF Board

By Tim Brons

Do you want to know what it is like to lead the largest study association of Groningen? Then quickly read on for the testimonial of Tim Brons (Discover Trainee at VodafoneZiggo and EBF Commercial Officer 2018-2019)!

“I’ll hold your beer, if you apply for an EBF Board Year. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity which you will regret if you have not done it, I guarantee it. Since the beginning of my studies I have been involved at the EBF in several Committees and was always thinking about doing a Board Year at the EBF. Once I was halfway through my Master studies, I applied & got in! Do not worry if you are not in your Masters, that really does not matter at all.
So, I got in and I was surprised about how much responsibility we got as a Board. It is almost like you are running a very big company with the 8 of you.. The learning curve you experience during this year is almost too good to be true. You work closely together on different initiatives and policy points (which you decide based on your view of the Association) on a daily basis and make sure that events are going smooth and parties are great. Because don’t make the mistake of thinking that a Board Year at the EBF is all hard work and acting all serious, it is foremost about having fun and creating experiences & memories for life.

During my time as a Commercial Officer I came in contact (together with my partner in crime the Career Officer) with as many companies as you can possibly think of: KLM, Unilever, Nedap, ING and many more. This was not only beneficial for the EBF, but also for myself as I could get a taste of how it would be working at that particular company. An valuable experience which has also led me to meet and apply for VodafoneZiggo. I met with the Recruiters multiple times and every time I was there, I got more and more excited to apply for the Discover Traineeship, and I guess they were too… Now I am working for almost a full year at VodafoneZiggo and I could not have made a better decision to apply. You could say that without doing the EBF Board Year I would not have found this perfect match (or at least they wouldn’t have met me beforehand) in my current job. I am sure that the fact that I was part of the Board of the largest Study Association of Groningen contributed to the process of getting this job.

Trust me, you will regret it if you don’t apply for the EBF Board Year. I hope that, in a couple of years time, after this shitty pandemic, I will meet you at the EBF Board’s Reunion. Hang in there and see you then!”