Testimonial EBF Board (Project & Internationalisation Officer)

First and utmost I want to start by telling you that doing an EBF Board Year was (by far) the most amazing adventure I have experienced in my student life and I can assure you this will be the same for you!

You should know that I was a little insecure about applying for the EBF Board; I only did one EBF Committee, I might not be the best fit, is this really something for me? In other words: It was really out of my comfort zone. Up until this moment I am so happy that I stepped out of this comfort zone, because getting into the EBF Board has changed my life tremendously.

I became the new Project & Internationalisation Officer which means that I was in charge of organising most (informal) events, the recruitment & guidance of most committees and taking care of the Internationalisation and Inclusiveness of the EBF. I can tell you by heart this is the most amazing position ever. Next to this position and all the great features it has, the most beautiful part of being in this board is that you’re doing it together with 7 other
great persons (and of course all your committee members!). It really feels like you’re running a great business in which – together with your 7 board members – you will have the freedom to add or improve all current activities, processes and policy points. You can think as crazy as possible because it’s YOUR year. Together with all the committees YOU will make it work!

Besides this, you will also learn a lot on personal level since you are working intensively together with your board members and your committees; e.g., every person is different and could have a different point of view on something! Coping with this is one of the many lessons I learned during my board year.

Finally, I want to emphasize that – besides it’s a big association and this of course comes with responsibility – you should make a lot, a lot, a lot of fun! This year you can organise whatever you want, you will be on a lot of (fun) different events and lastly, and for me most importantly, you will run into many new inspiring people and broaden your network. I still – and will for the rest of my life – reap the benefits of this year since it significantly helped me finding a job and during my interviews, but especially because of my development as a person.

So please, do me a favor and step out of your comfort zone and grab this unique opportunity with both hands. I am already looking forward to celebrate this success of you getting into the board with a beer at the next OldBoardDay! Aaand… in case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!