EBF/FEB Active Bystander Workshop

Imagine: during the break of your lecture, two students of the same sex step outside. They seem to be a romantic couple. One of your classmates makes a negative remark about them to her neighbour. You and others can hear it, some respond with giggles and raised eyebrows. What do you do?

Situations like these will be touched upon during the EBF/FEB Active Bystander Workshop on 28th of October at 13:00 to 15:00. Calling out undesired behaviour can be tough; it’s often hard to be the first person to ‘stick your neck out’ for someone. Self-doubt can creep in – or you can fear rejection by your peers for ‘overreacting’ or being a ‘killjoy’.The interactive EBF/FEB Active Bystander Workshop is designed to give you techniques to overcome self-doubt with regards to intervening in undesired behaviour, explain the common psychological obstacles to intervening, introduce you to decision making devices to help you work out whether – and how – to take action, and run through easy-to-remember language patterns to challenge bad behaviours in an assertive way. It Includes body language and other non-verbal communication techniques to reinforce the spoken word.

Interested? Spots are limited, so make sure to sign up for one of the two timeslots quickly. Not an EBF member, but would you still like to join? Send an email to n.tabingh@ebfgroningen.nl with which timeslot you would like to join. Next time a situation occurs, you will now how to intervene!