Master Community Change: Online Masterday


Wednesday the 25th of November the Change Masterday will take place! In this online event, you can get in touch with possible future employers and orientate on what to do after your masters. This event is for Change Management students exclusively!

The Masterday will start at 13:00 and ends at approximately 17:00. This event is FREE OF CHARGE!

The companies that attend this event are Mastermind and Belsimpel. Both companies offer interesting traineeships and starter positions in the field of change management: a great way to start your professional career!

The afternoon is divided in two sessions: one session of Mastermind, and one session of Belsimpel. Both companies will start with a presentation about their organization. Then, they will provide a business case or workshop where you can put your knowledge into practice. Both sessions will end with a Q&A!

Mastermind will kick-off the event, followed by Belsimpel. Keep in mind that the presentation of Mastermind will be in English, while the presentation of Belsimpel will be in Dutch. If you don’t speak Dutch: we highly invite you to come to the first half of the afternoon. When Belsimpel starts, you can just leave the meeting!

Registrations will open from Tuesday the 10th of November and the deadline is Monday the 23rd of November 23:59. Sign up by registering on this website by clicking on the button below, as well as sending an e-mail with your CV to! You will receive a link to join the session by mail.

We hope you will all join to boost your future career as a change manager!

If you have any questions regarding the Change Masterday, please contact us via