EBF In-house Day Belsimpel

EBF x Belsimpel

During the In-house Day, you will get to know Belsimpel in various ways. We start with a small intro about the vision and mission of Belsimpel, what we do and how we want to change the Mobile World. We are now the largest e-commerce company in the North and the largest telecom company in the Netherlands, but our ambition goes much further. After closing 2020 with a turnover of 400 million, we have now taken our first steps towards the rest of Europe.

As previously mentioned, we want to conquer the Mobile World. Of course, we have been preparing for a long time, but now we ship to 16 European countries and .. No, we will not reveal anything else, because that is what the case is about. You will be working on internationalization! The first steps have already been taken, it is now a matter of tackling the follow-up as efficiently as possible and that requires a lot of analytical skills. A case in which you can really participate as a freshman, but where there is so much to find out that every master's student will also feel challenged. Whether you want to go in the direction of marketing, finance, HRM or supply chain, all these aspects are of course part of internationalization!

Will we see you on the 6th of May?

Please do not hesitate to contact the EBF Commercial Committee, if you have any questions about this event!