EBF Recruitment Period

EBF Recruitment Period

The EBF is recruiting! Do you want to do something next to your student life? And want to get to know a lot of people while also gaining pratical experience? Join one of the EBF Commitees, the EBF/MARUG Recruitment Days Board 2023 or the EBF Board 2023-2024!

EBF Committees

By being part of a committee you will organise events for EBF Members. The EBF has several committees that organise different events. The EBF Introduction Weekend, EBF Christmas Ball, EBF Inhouse Days are examples of events that are organised by committees. You can choose yourself if you want to be part of a committee with high workload or with a lower workload. This depends on the time what you have left next to your study and personal life.

You can find all the committees on the committee page! By selecting February at the Recruitment Period Filter you can see which committees are open to apply for. You can also select the amount of workload that you want to have in a committee to see which committee suits you best!

The application deadline for all commitees is Sunday, the 5th of March at 23.59. You can apply via the committees at the committee page and by sending your CV and motivation letter to recruitment@ebfgroningen.nl 

EBF/MARUG Recruitment Days Board 2023

Every year in the beginning of December, the EBF/MARUG Recruitment Days are organised, which is the biggest recruitment event for students in the North of the Netherlands. As the Recruitment Days Board, you will make sure this three-day event takes place. You will work approximately a year to make sure over 400 students are able to explore their opportunities on the labour market at one of the 40 participating companies.

Doing a board year at the Recruitment Days gives you the opportunity to get in contact with over 400 different companies throughout the world! This three-day event is the biggest one of its kind in the North of the Netherlands. Throughout the year you work closely together in a team with 5 other motivated students and be part of the two biggest study associations of Groningen.

The application deadline for the EBF/MARUG Recruitment Days Board 2023 is Sunday, the 5th of March at 23.59. You can apply here and by sending your CV and motivation letter to recruitment@ebfgroningen.nl

EBF Board 2023 - 2024

Already making plans for the upcoming academic year? Consider doing a board year at EBF! By doing a board year at EBF you are responsible for running the biggest study association in Groningen together with 7 other board members. 

Are you interested in becoming the new EBF Board? Do you want to manage the EBF next year? Are you looking for a unique experience with practical experience, personal development, intensive cooperation in a team environment, strategic decisions and the guidance of committees? Then take on the challenge and apply for the EBF Board 2023 - 2024! 

On the 14th of February, the EBF Board Information Meeting will take place. During this meeting, you will get more information about a board year at the EBF, the available positions and the experiences of the current EBF Board Members. After the meeting, you can ask all of your questions and have a drink with the board members. You can sign up via here!  

The application deadline for the EBF Board 2023 -2024 is Friday, the 10th of March at 17.00. You can apply by sending your resume, motivtation letter and recent picture of yourself to k.kaiser@ebfgroningen.nl.


If you have any general questions about the recruitment period you can send an email to info@ebfgroningen.nl!