EBF Consultancy Tour

Are you a 3rd year Bachelor or Master student, interested in working as a consultant?

Do you want to get into contact with several consultancy firms in the Netherlands and have the opportunity to experience what it means to work there?

Then the Consultancy Tour is the perfect event for you! This year we will visit 4 different consultancy firms in the area surrounding Amsterdam and Utrecht, where we will have the opportunity to impress potential future employers by solving cases and through several networking lunches and dinners. 

Besides the opportunities to meet and impress several representatives from multiple consultancy firms, you will also meet other motivated students with a shared interest in the consultancy sector! The Consultancy Tour will take place on the 25th and 26th of February and will include a stay at NH Hotels Amersfoort. 

Prior to the main event, on the 17th of February there will be a mandatory workshop for solving cases and a free dinner +2 drinks where you will get to know the other participants and the organising committee itself! 

All 3 days will be free of charge, all you have to do is hand in your anonymous CV and get selected by the participating companies! The whole event will be in Dutch so in order to participate, fluency in Dutch is required!

Deadline 9th of February 23:59