EBF Batavierenrace

On May 1st, the EBF will once again join the Batavierenrace! The Batavierenrace is the world’s biggest relay-race and it comes with the biggest student party in the Netherlands. The total distance of the race is about a 170 km, which will be divided into 24 stages. The stages you can apply for are either 4-6 km, 6-8 km, or 8-11 km. About 8500 participants join each year, of which most are students coming from the entire country. Several associations and universities will take part!

The race itself takes place on the 2nd of May, but we will be there the whole weekend! We will camp 2 nights on the campus of the University of Twente, take part in the race on Saturday, and after the race a big party on campus will take place. On Sunday the 3rd, we will return to Groningen.

However, the fun starts earlier! There will be some trainings organised for the group to prepare for your run, and there will also be dinners and drinks events to get to know the group. The costs for the weekend and trainings are only €35. The application is open to all EBF Members and the deadline is on the 28th of February. Its first come, first serve, so apply quickly!!