EBF & FEB Leadership Award

EBF & FEB Leadership Award

One of the main goals of the EBF is to inspire students. The current generation of students believes that a new kind of leadership is needed. According to them, this new type of leader must have charisma, inspire people, be able to communicate and listen well and especially place societal enrichment above personal gain. The managers of the future, namely our Economics & Business Students, have a strong need for role models, and for appealing examples of how things can be done differently. To inspire this future generation of managers, the EBF & FEB Leadership Award will be introduced. The EBF will hand out this prestigious award to the person who made significant contributions to society and shows great leadership. Together with the faculty Board, the EBF sets a list of criteria which have to be met. 

The nomination process will be as follows, the jury will create a list of approximately 20 people who must show leadership in the institution or institutions where they have been employed, in society or in a specific profession. This list will be reduced by the jury to a shortlist with approximately 10 people who will be nominated for the prize. The jury will consist of the following people:

  • FEB Dean:                                                     Peter Verhoef
  • FEB Student Assessor:                              Alieke Engel
  • FEB Secretary:                                             Anja Bakker
  • EBF Conference Chairman:                      Rowan Drenth
  • EBF Vice-Chairman:                                   Niels Tabingh Suermondt

EBF & FEB Leadership Award 2019

The first edition of the EBF & FEB Leadership Award has been rewarded to Jan Kees de Jager. Jan-Kees de Jager, who already started displaying great leadership during his student life by starting his own company and put an innovative entrepreneurial spirit in a new perspective. This award will be given for his outstanding contribution in both the political field as the minister of finance, where he had a prominent role in the 2008 G-20 Washington Summit on the financial crisis. It’s easier to be a leader in financially good times than in financially bad times. As for his contribution to the management field. Where he, as the CFO of KPN, has to deal with great challenges on a daily basis which are associated with great cultural and societal changes. All in all, Jan-Kees de Jager has proven excellent leadership in his career, which stems from his strong personality and innovative mindset. Therefore, we want to thank Mr. de Jager on behalf of the EBF and the Faculty of Economics and Business by rewarding him with the award.

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