Have you been active in one of the committees of the EBF? Or were you part of an (executive) board of the EBF? Then you are now an EBF Alumnus!

The EBF highly values her alumni and would like to stay in touch with all of her old committee and (executive) board members. Therefore, EBF Alumni receive an alumni newsletter a few times a year, informing them about the developments within the EBF. Moreover, the EBF has an Alumni Group on Facebook and LinkedIn. Through these networks, you can connect with the EBF and other EBF Alumni! Since the EBF is affiliated with the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), it is also possible for EBF Alumni to join the FEB Alumni Network.

 In order to keep in touch and make new (social) connections, the EBF organises several Alumni Activities through the year.

Are you an EBF Alumnus, but did you not receive our alumni newsletter or invitations for the LinkedIn and Facebook Groups? Or do you have any questions? You can always contact our Secretary & HR Officer, Stella Versteegen (!

Besides many social opportunities, the EBF has opportunities to benefit from our Alumni network of (former)students. Would you like to be a speaker at one of our speaker-related events, or join one of our recruitment events to find new talent for your current company? You can always contact us at 

Upcoming Events


Alumni Events 2022 - 2023

Amsterdam Social

On the 18th of November, the Alumni Event will take place.

It will be a social, at Café Bloemen Beppie, located in Amsterdam. From 20:00 on, you are invited to have a drink with your fellow alumni! The first few drinks will be free of charge. Catch up with your old committee or board members at the Alumni Event!

Lustrum Old Board Day - October 2022

On the 1st of October a Lustrum Old Board Day was organised. As EBF celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, this was a perfect opportunity to invite all former EBF Boards back to Groningen. The day consisted of a beertasting, a barbeque and several drinks in the city centre.

EBF Lustrum Ball - September 2022

On the 23th of September the EBF Lustrum Ball took place at Kasteel den Brandt in Antwerp. A lot of EBF Alumni enjoyed a three-course dinner, a extravagant ball and stayed the night in the luxurious four-star hotel Crown Plaza.

Alumni Events 2021 - 2022

Old Board Day - June 2022

To stay in touch with all all old board members of the EBF, the EBF organises an Old Board Day once a year. During this day all old boards catched up with eachother and met the new EBF Board of 2022-2023. This was done with a barbeque and several drinks at the waterside.

Alumni Beertasting Event & Dinner - 23rd of June 2022

On the 23rd of June, the Alumni Beertasting & Dinner took place.

Over 40 EBF Alumni attend the event and catched up with each other during a beertasting at Baxbier and a dinner at Blokes!

Alumni Event - 12th of November 2021 

On the 12th of November, the Alumni Social took place.

The EBF aims to stay in contact with their previous active members and old board members, who catched up over a drink in Amsterdam. 

Several Alumni joined and had a fun evening. 

Alumni Events 2020-2021

Old Board Day - June 2021

To stay in touch with all all old board members of the EBF, the EBF organises an Old Board Day once a year. During this day last year, the old board members enjoyed a delicious barbeque and several drinks at the waterside in Amsterdam. 

Alumni Activity June 2021 - Groningen Canal cruise

On the 18th of June the Alumni Event yook place at Café de Toeter!

The event offered the EBF Alumni the chance to catch up with eachtoher, during a canal cruise and a few drinks at Café de Toeter. 

Alumni Events 2019-2020

Alumni Activity - June 2020 - Cancelled

Every year, the EBF organises and Alumni Activity in Groningen in June. In 2019, the EBF Alumni Activity consisted of a canal cruise and a dinner. The EBF Alumni enjoyed a drink and some snacks, whilst cruising the canals of Groningen. The day was full of sun, fun and reliving memories together with old active members. Due to the COVID-19 crisis and the measurers the EBF has taken, this June’s Alumni Activity has been cancelled. The EBF is looking forward to organising this activity again in 2021!

Old Board Day - June 2020 - Cancelled

To stay in touch with all all old board members of the EBF, the EBF organises am Old Board Day once a year. During this day last year, the old board members enjoyed a boat tour in Amsterdam and afterwards a delicious barbeque at the waterside.

Alumni Social - November 2019

On the 22nd of November 2019 the EBF hosted an Alumni Social at Gollem’s proeflokaal in Amsterdam. It was the perfect opportunity to meet your old committee or (executive) board members again.