Commercial Graduate Program

Industrial Goods, Services, Software Engineering, Technology, Webdevelopment
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Dutch, English
Change Management, Sales, International Business, Business Administration, Management


Are you a recently graduated bachelor or master student with a business degree and do you have a strong desire to become successful in sales? Then the Nedap Commercial Graduate Program is what you need to kick-start your career!

During the 1-year sales traineeship, you will learn everything you need to know about the worldwide markets we operate in, our solutions, and strategic sales.

The program starts in October 2023.

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About the Commercial Graduate Program

For the duration of 1 year, the traineeship will give you exposure as well as hands-on experience as an international sales professional.

Together, we will get to first base, meaning: getting a foot in the door for a meaningful exploratory conversation with our target customer accounts. In addition, you will be responsible for the next steps in the process, such as preparing presentations, facilitating demonstrations, and in-store visits and demos for example.

The year is split into five separate phases, and within each stage-specific learning elements that help you to become a great sales professional.

The first two weeks of the program (Introduction)

During the first two weeks of the program, you will be able to get to know the company, be sure to have everything set-up, be part of some relevant sessions, meet your new colleagues and get familiar with the e-learning platform you are going to work with during the rest of the program.

The onboarding & learning phase of the program (onboarding & learning)

During these 90 days (about 3 months) you will start your onboarding and learning program regarding Nedap as an organization, the retail environment, our sales approach as well as your personal development in the near future. You will be guided through an e-learning platform and are responsible for your own progress during the entire 90 days (about 3 months).

The kick-start of prospecting (the first phase of the sales cycle)

In this phase, you start your prospecting activities. During this part of the program, you get the opportunity to prove yourself as a real value for the sales team and get a clear understanding of the first phases of a complex sales cycle. The focused and tailored approach of prospecting will give you the opportunity to get optimal results and plan discovery meetings for your sales team members – which you eventually can join for your own learning capabilities.

Marketing within Nedap (bridging sales & marketing)

The objective of this phase is to get an understanding of marketing-related leads as well as making sure to close the gap between marketing and sales. The importance of closing the gap is that there are certain overlapping responsibilities between the two departments, but we generally have the same goal. Turn prospects into happy customers. This phase will start two months after the kick-start of the prospecting element. Be aware that during this phase the prospecting activities will continue in full focus.

The own decision project (select your own project)

During this phase, you can work on a project together with a business solution expert, someone from new initiatives, or another commercially related project. An example of such a project can be actively managing a pre-roll-out project in cooperation with a business solution expert. The main objective is that you get a feeling of what happens in the rest of the commercial part of the organization. Be aware that during this phase prospecting still is going through and is one of the main priorities.

After the program

You might be wondering what your career can look like after the Commercial Graduate Program. After the traineeship, you have the opportunity to become a Business Development Representative at Nedap, and finally, you will grow into the role of a Global (Junior) Account Executive.

Business Development Representative

As a Business Development Representative (BDR) you are responsible for the first phase(s) of the buying cycle. In this case, it means that you are going to focus on the unknown and satisfied phase for the regions you are allocated to in cooperation with your direct Global Account Executive who is responsible for a certain demographic area.

You will get the full responsibility to successfully move accounts/leads from unknown/satisfied into the dissatisfied phase. At the same moment in time, you are shadowing the activities of the Global Account Executive and you are in the process of generating your own pipeline and area to become responsible for.

Global (Junior) Account Executive

After you have successfully managed your role as BDR you can grow into the role of (Junior) Account Executive. In this role, you are fully responsible for managing leads and accounts throughout your pipeline. You have created this pipeline yourself or taken over the pipeline from one of your sales colleagues. Your pipeline should contain a specific geographic region and/or specific proposition/focus market.

Kick-start your sales career at Nedap

Does this sound like the career boost you need? Then apply for our Commercial Graduate Program as of June and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Nedap!

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Vera Zwerink