Introduction Committee

Introduction Committee

Every year, the EBF Introduction Weekend takes place for all new first year FEB students. Together with your committee members, you organise an amazing three day weekend, to introduce and familiarise the first years with the EBF and with each other.

Around 400 first year students will join the introduction weekend, so organising this weekend needs some serious preparation. During the summer period, you will be busy with thinking of fun, interactive activities, organising the management game and make sure there will be great parties during the weekend!

In this committee you will learn how to organise a very big 3-day event, meet a lot of new people and gain a lot of new experiences.

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Joining the committee

Fluency in Dutch not required
5 - 10 hours
Recruitment period
Suitable for
Chairman,Commercial Relations,Logistics,Public Relations,Secretary,Treasurer
Social skills,Creative skills,Network skills,Problem solving skills,Organisational skills

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