EBF Conference

EBF Conference

As the EBF Conference Executive Board, you are responsible for organising the EBF Conference: the largest two-day student conference in the Netherlands.

The event consists of two consecutive conference days, which will each have a different character. The first day will be the College Day, which provides insights on the theme from an academic perspective. This day is for students, alumni and corporate participants. Professors from several universities will be invited to visit this day and share their vision. On the second day, the Conference Day, more than 500 students will be welcomed. During this day, renowned speakers will give engaging lectures and share their experiences and visions. Furthermore, workshops and master classes will be provided by recruiters and senior level professionals. Examples of previous speakers are Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States; Klaas Knot, President of the Dutch National Bank; Guy Wollaert, Senior Vice President of Coca Cola; Dolf van den Brink, CEO of The HEINEKEN Company; and Agnes Koops (Ceo PwC the Netherlands).

Are you a motivated student and do you want to contact multinational companies, international leaders and organise two days filled with workshops and lectures from inspiring speakers? Then the EBF Conference is definitely suitable for you! The EBF Conference Executive Board's responsibilities include developing the theme, contacting speakers, acquiring companies and arranging the day organisation. Together with your fellow board members you will have a great time organising the EBF Conference. You will gain many new experiences, make new friends and develop yourself in a professional way. 

Starting in November, the board will take around 15 hours per week. This will increase to approximately 20-25 hours per week in winter, and as of several weeks into the second semester the board will be (almost) full-time. The EBF Conference Day Organisation Committee will start in February and will assist the EBF Conference Executive Board. 

This year, two positions of the EBF Conference Executive Board are open for international students as well! These are the Vice-Chairman/Theme & Speakers/Public Relations II, and Public Relations I.

Interested? Application for this Executive Board closes the 29th of October 2023 23.59, so make sure to have applied through the website and send a photo of yourself, your CV and a motivation letter to recruitment@ebfgroningen.nl. 

You can read several testimonials of former EBF Conference Board members here and here, and read about their experiences!

If you have any other questions regarding the EBF Conference you can contact them at conference@ebfgroningen.nl or the EBF board via p.hofsteenge@ebfgroningen.nl

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Chairman,Vice-Chairman,Theme and Speakers,Commercial Relations,Logistics,Public Relations,Treasurer
Social skills,Acquisitions skills,Analytical skills,Creative skills,Network skills,Presentation skills,Leadership skills,Problem solving skills,Academic Skills,Organisational skills

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