International Development Project

The EBF is setting up a new project!

Are you interested in doing research to help local companies according to the sustainable development goals of the United nations, while also exploring the beautiful country of South-Africa? Then the International Development Project (IDP) is the perfect opportunity for you! IDP is a project set up by a collaboration between the EBF and the FEB where you get the chance to develop your skills by doing real life research. 

We are pleased to announce that the International Development Project is scheduled for Spring 2024. To ensure the success of the trip, we will be forming a committee responsible for organizing and accompanying the project. If you are interested in joining the committee, applications will be opening soon.

Please note that the deadline for submitting your CV and motivation letter is fast approaching. So to be considered for this amazing opportunity submit everything to before the deadline and sign up on the committee page on the website!

The deadline is: Sunday 7 May at 23:59


More Information

We will visit South Africa for a total of 4 weeks. The first 2 weeks will be for conducting research, this research will be for a local company connected to Stellenbosch University.
For the final 2 weeks, after the research has been finished, you will have 2 weeks in South Africa to do travel around the country and explore and have a really nice holiday. 

Together with around 15 other students you will follow a course at the university. During this course you will learn all about the emerging market and how to conduct the research here. It will also include a guest lecture from South Africa to get you fully prepared for the project. During the course you will also be divided in groups and introduced to the company for whom you will be conducting the actual research in south africa. Part of this will also be desk research which will have to be conducted in the Netherlands to prepare yourself for the period in South Africa.
Then it is finally time for the long awaited trip to South Africa. This year the IDP project will be in collaboration with Stellenbosch University. 

For Frequently Asked Questions, visit this page!

Were you unable to join the Infosession, but are you still interested in the project? Send a message to and we can send you a recording!