Testimonial EBF Conference 2

My name is Jelle Linneman and together with my fellow board members, I organised the EBF Conference 2021. As Vice-Chairman, I was responsible for the theme and the speakers. What I liked about being the Vice-Chairman is that you can leave your mark on the event by the theme you develop and the speakers you invite to the Conference.

What I liked about my year on the board is that you work together towards a big goal. Throughout the year, you work together on various projects to ensure that the Conference becomes a great success. As you get closer to the event, it is nice to see that all the pieces of the puzzle that you have been working on for the past year fall together. During the Conference itself, it is nice to see what you have been working towards for the past board year.

In addition to the practicalities of organising the conference, you also get to know lots of people and make new friends. For example, with our board, we attended many different EBF activities and we also went on holiday together twice. Because of this, you get to know each other better and we have become a close group of friends. I would, therefore, definitely recommend organising the EBF Conference next year. If you want to know more about my function, you can always contact me!