EBF Leadership Panel: Schiphol

EBF Leadership Panel with the COO of Schiphol: Birgit Otto

Hey you, the manager of tomorrow! Yes, you! Which leader do you look up to?

And if you had the chance to meet the leaders of today?

On the 25th of May, the EBF Leadership Panel will take place with the COO of Schiphol: Birgit Otto. With all the different topics at stake and stakeholders involved, Schiphol is a very dynamic organisation. Therefore, leadership is of great importance. Birgit Otto will explain all the facets of leadership within her position of COO at Royal Schiphol Group.

Birgit Otto, also an alumna of the RUG, has an impressive career in her industry. Join the online EBF Leadership Panel, including an exclusive Q&A session, and you will get the chance to discover her career path.

When? 25th of May, 2020
Where: Youtube Live