EBF International Activity: Online Social Game Night


Wednesday the 25th of November (19:30 -21:30) the EBF International Committee would like to invite you for the ONLINE SOCIAL GAME NIGHT! You will be divided into groups of 4 based on your preference for the area of interest selected from a list provided in the sign up form. This will enable participants to connect faster with people sharing  similar interests. 

This event will  take place on Zoom and be fully online, so you can join even if you are not in Groningen at the moment! The evening will kick-off with a short explanation of the rules followed by some icebreakers, such as skribbl and common thread game to let everyone get to know their groupmates better. In the second part of the evening, groups will compete against each other in games such as taboo, scavenger hunt, and 5 ingredients challenge for a chance to win some cool prizes! 

This event will be completely free, so there is no need to worry about being too broke to buy Christmas gifts this year ;). 

Are you a student who hasn’t had the chance to meet new people or do you just  want to make some new connection this year? If so, this event is exactly what you need!

The deadline for signing up is November 23rd at midnight!

We look forward to seeing you then!

If you have any questions regarding the EBF ONLINE SOCIAL GAME NIGHT, feel free to contact us via internationalcommittee@ebfgroningen.nl .