EBF Skillsday

FEB CS: Interview Training

FEB Career Services: Interview Training - 12.00-14.00

For your future career, it is important to feel strong in a job interview. In this workshop we provide you with information and tips and tricks to be successful in a job interview. The focus of this workshop is to help participants identify, discuss and apply interviewing skills, enabling them to share, exchange and gain better insight into the key aspects of the process and as well as the best practices. Issues that will be addressed are:

  • what to expect from a job interview

  • the best way to prepare yourself

  • the code of conduct

  • frequently asked questions

  • how to handle difficult questions

  • feedback on mock-interview sessions.

Trainer: Mohamoud Harir


FEB Career Services

When you become a student at the faculty of economics and business, you can count on a dedicated Career Services team. We offer you a wide range of online and offline activities that will help you enter the labour market! Such as: Job prospects, practical experience, workshops, internships and working in the Netherlands as an international student. FEB Career Services frequently facilitate workshops that will help you develop the employability and application skills you need. The goal of FEB CS is to assist students with the preparation of their future careers. Part of that involves helping students mastering the key skills to create the tools and techniques needed to succeed in the labour market. 

For more information, look on the FEB Career Services Website!