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Toastmasters: Public Speaking

Toastmasters: Public Speaking - 16.00-18.00

As a student and for your future career, it is really important to know how to feel comfortable in front of groups with speaking.

In the Public Speaking Workshop by Toastmasters about public speaking, a conversation about public speaking will be brought up in an interactive session. This is to overcome fear on stage and how to approach these fears to overcome them . Everybody is a public speaker in their own way and the goal is to discuss where everyone's strengths and weaknesses are. This workshop includes:

  • Fear of stage: how public speaking makes people uncomfortable

  • What type of speaker you are and what speaker you want to be

  • Interactive part: have the participants try out public speaking

  • Feedback on your public speaking skills

Trainer: Alexandru Mocanu



Our club offers you the opportunity to practice public speaking in a supportive, fun and encouraging environment. Through regular practice, you will not only learn to handle natural nervousness and fear, but you will also develop the presentation skills necessary to confidently communicate your message anywhere and everywhere. Your progress will be customized to your needs and comfort so you’re able to grow into a competent speaker and leader at your school, work, and every other important aspect of your life.

Toastmasters also offers the chance to take part in contests both locally and internationally, where you can reach the pinnacle of your efforts in public speaking.

Our club has a very international culture, following each meeting, we get together in a local bar to enjoy with our members and guests.

In a nutshell, Toastmasters Groningen is a great place to network and make new friends that can benefit your work and social life.. so come join us at our next meeting! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Feel free to register and to come along and see how it works. You can expect a warm welcome! For more information, look on the Toastmaster Website!