High Select Energy Drives Workshop


We live in a VUCA world. VUCA stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Our society and our healthcare system experiences an increasingly unpredictable and changing environment in which professionals operate. This era demands professionals to understand their own values and to be able to connect to the values of all relevant stakeholders.

High Select makes use of the Energy Drives® methodology to support you as an individual in acknowledging your own values and how they impact the way you work and think. What prevents professionals from doing what they want to do?  Being able to recognize what you want is important. Sharing a common language which allows professionals to express their values and appreciate those of their colleagues is of vital importance to maximize organizational, team and individual performance.

You are invited to our High Select Energy Drives Workshop. This is a one hour online workshop in which you will:

   / learn the relationship between behavior and values;
   / be able to recognize some of your own values and how they impact your perception of the world;
   / receive tips and tricks on how to effectively cooperate in a rapidly changing environment whilst having seemingly opposing values.

Our High Select Traineeship is a two-year investment in your development and consists of two parts:

1.       Gaining project-based experience within organizations in the Healthcare & Welfare sector;
2.       Attending our Development Program, which focusses on your personal and professional growth.

This Development Program consists of the following components:

   / Training weekends
   / Monthly inspiration sessions and workshops
   / Intervision
   / Professional coaching
   / Personal guidance
   / Social activities

Our projects are diverse and vary in content. To illustrate, High Select has a selection of projects in the areas of: organizational challenges (f.e. strategy, vision), process optimalisations, people related challenges, quality assurance, project management, organizational change and innovation.

The deadline to sign up is at 23.59 on the 21st of April!

We hope to meet you on the 22nd from 15.00 till 17.00!