EBF Buddy Programme 2022 - Buddies

EBF Buddy Programme - Buddies

Do you want to share your experiences as a student in the city of Groningen? Become a Buddy for First Year, Pre-Master and Master students!

In the programme, you will be matched to a group of 5 or more students with similar interests. In the first week of the academic year there will be an introduction activity where you will get to meet the group. In the following weeks, you can organise more activities with the group and show them what studying in Groningen is all about. Additionally, there will be a follow-up event in the weeks after the event.

In the registration form you can indicate which students from which study programme you want to guide. There is a distinction between guiding bachelor students, where the focus lies more on the social aspect. Guiding Pre-Master and/or Master students means becoming a ‘Master captain’ and will focus more on the part of studying at the FEB.

If you're interested, don't hesitate and sign up before the 1st of August!

For any additional information, send an email to m.kanne@ebfgroningen.nl