Dutch Inhouse Days

Do you want to get in contact with your future employer that is one of the biggest fast moving consumer goods companies of the Netherlands? Then join the EBF Dutch Inhousedays!

The first day of the Dutch Inhouse Days will be on campus where Philips and Mars join in. You will work on a case together with your fellow participants and will get a sense of what it's like working at one of the biggest fast moving consumer goods enterprises of the Netherlands! The next day JDE will join in to give a case for you to solve one of their main challenges. 

The Dutch Inhouse Days will take place on the 15th and 16th of November. On the 11th of November there will be a training for all the participants together with a nice (free) dinner. Also, during the event lunches will be taking care of!

*This is a CV selected event and you will have hand in your anonymous CV via: Inhousedays@ebfgroningen.nl*