Inhouse day, April 8th | Meet Strategy & Operations Financial Sector team | @KPMG Amstelveen Office

The inhouse day will take place in our Amstelveen office. We will start at noon with a lunch, followed by an introduction about KPMG and the Strategy & Operations Financial Sector team. During the afternoon you will experience what it is to be a consultant by working on a client case. We will close the day be organizing drinks with the team from 16:00 onwards. The dress code for this event is (smart) casual.

Friday april 8th - 12:00/17:00

A lot has changed after the financial crisis about a decade ago. Financial institutions have to adapt to changing customer needs, the digital world, increasing competition and regulations. Nowadays environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues as well as their associated opportunities and risks are becoming more and more relevant for financial institutions. Sustainability is not just an ethical question anymore. Heightened demand from both customers & investors for sustainable products, as well as increasing pressure from regulatory bodies highlight the need for banks, insurers and investors to reinvent their business model and incorporate ESG.  

The Strategy & Operations - Financial Sector team helps banks, insurers, investors and real estate parties prepare for a 'future fit' financial sector. We do this by assisting clients in setting their strategy and guiding large-scale transformations. During this inhouse day at our Amstelveen office you will get to know the Financial Sector team within the Strategy & Operations department. We will tell you everything about our team and our work.


  • 12:00 Welcome and lunch 
  • 12:45 Start introduction candidates and teams
  • 13:30 Recruitment case (2x short break)
  • 16:00 Candidate speeddate / drinks


  • Master degree: In order to join our team you need to have a masters degree. You can subscribe for this event if you are in the last year of a bachelor study, however, please be aware that you need to complete a master degree before you can join our team as a consultant (Bachelor students can apply for internships)
  • Dutch language: We don’t require Dutch language on a professional level as almost all of the services and deliverables are in English. However, as clients are often based in the Netherlands we are looking for people that have the ambition to learn Dutch (approximately level B1 or B2). For international students it’s important to know that we only hire nationals outside of the EU when you have already obtained a working permit