EBF Introduction Weekend

Ticket for The EBF Introduction Weekend

On this page, you can complete your ticket for the EBF Introduction Weekend. 

1) First of all, you need to select 1 ticket for the Introduction Weekend.
2) Subsequently, you can choose the number of coins you want to buy, which you can use during the Introduction Weekend.

                  -  Explanation of the coins: 
                  During the weekend we are using coins to buy drinks and snacks. You can buy these with IDeal, CreditCard or cash at the camp. 
                  Furthermore, if you buy these coins immediately online, simultaneously with your ticket, we offer you a 10% discount, so be
                  aware of this!

3) After you decided your amount of coins, you need to click on Proceed to get redirected to the Form-page in which you need to fill in your personal details.
4) Subsequently, you click on Proceed, to get to the Payment-page.
4) On this Payment-page you can decide whether you want to pay by IDeal or CreditCard. 
5) Subsequently, you will get to the checkout in which you can finish your order. 
6) After finishing your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail in which your final ticket (and coins) are attached within the attachment.