EBF Lustrum: Informal Company Event

*Dutch speaking students only*

EBF Lustrum x Yacht: Free cocktailworkshop and recruitment dinner: DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 19-09-2022!

The cards are in your hands, not only to party, but also to make connections for your study and career.  For the third Lustrum we give students the chance to connect with our main and general partners in an informal setting through a cocktail workshop and luxurious dinner in Las Vegas style in Mr. Mofongo!

Sign up now to join this recruitment event with our main partner: Yacht! Enjoy a free cocktailworkshop and dinner with the Yacht recruiters on this day. The event will start at 15:45/16:00. Once you signed up via the site, make sure to send your CV before the 19th of September 23:59 to lustrum@ebfgroningen.nl to confirm your enrollment. 

What: Free cocktailworkshop and recruitment dinner with our Lustrum main partner Yacht
When: Wednesday September 21st, 16:00hr
Where: Mr. Mofongo

We proudly present our Lustrum Main Partner: Yacht! 

Yacht is a consultancy and deployment agency, with positions in recruitment, Finance, IT/Data, Supply chain, and Business management. They strive to connect ambitious professionals to modern and forward-thinking organizations. 

Yacht trainees is a trainee program where ambitious young professionals are trained to become all-round subject specialists. Yacht does this by focusing on soft and hard skills; your personal development is the core of this program. The main focus of the Yacht traineeship is the 3x3x3 formula: within 3 years, you will hold 3 different positions, at 3 different companies.
In addition to this, you will get a personalized development program, where you will be taught all things soft skills; leadership, presentation skills, and how to negotiate. Moreover, you will also get the opportunity to follow hard skill training, like Power BI and SAPP.
Yacht trainees is part of Randstad Group. 

Are you interested in Yacht and their 3x3x3 traineeship program? Sign up tomorrow, and talk all things Yacht & career possibilities during the cockailworkshop and dinner at the Informal Company Event!



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