European Study Research: Athens

ESR Athens: Join for an amazing week full of companies, culture, and clubs!

 This year's destination of ESR Fall will be Athens! From the 24th of November until the 1st of December, a group of 25 students, 2 professors and 6 committee members will join together for a week to visit the beautiful and vibrant city of Athens to conduct research. The trip will consist of a combination of cultural activities, company visits with the aim of finalizing the research, and chances to experience the amazing nightlife the city has to offer.

European Study Research is an incredible event for students. It is an opportunity to add something unique to your university experience, a chance to broaden your network, diversify your (international) skill set, and create unforgettable memories and long lasting new friendships. All of this in the beautiful city of Athens!

Athens, the capital city of Greece, is a cultural city with a rich history and exciting nightlife. This combined with an unique combination of multinationals from a variety of industries and exciting startups with great prospects creates the perfect playground for our research. This year, the research theme will be ‘’From Gloom to Boom: Exploring the Economic Recovery and Changing Business Opportunities in Athens”. You will be split up into teams of 5 students, each with a specific sub theme to focus your research on. More information about the sub themes can be found under the theme tab.

Your ESR experience begins with an opening dinner, followed by 7 weeks of lectures, dinners and socials every Monday night. A variety of different topics, lecturers and points of view will be discussed each week. After we return, there will be another 2 weeks of lectures before the final dinner in order to put the finishing touches on our work.

The total cost of joining the trip will be €225,-, which includes plane tickets, accommodation and transportation during our stay, as well as various other activities to take part in.

The ESR experience is one that is unique, and should not be missed! In order to take part in this amazing project, click on the register button! Applications open on the 4th of September and close on the 17th of September, 23.59. This is also the deadline for sending your CV and motivation letter.

The applications are open to bachelor students of the FEB with at least 45 ECTS and (pre-)master students.

For any other remaining questions about this trip, feel free to contact us at


Sunday the 17th of September, 23:59

Interviews and selection

Monday the 18th of September until Tuesday the 29th of September

Introduction dinner

Monday the 2nd of October

Weekly lectures, dinners and socials (7 times)

Every Monday at 18:00 from the 9th of October until the 20th of November

Theme party

Monday the 20th of November

Research trip to Budapest

Friday the 24th of November until Friday the 1st of December

Lecture, dinner and social after the trip (2 times)

Monday the 4th of December and Monday the 11th of December

Closing dinner

Monday the 11th of December


In the 7 weeks prior to the trip there will be a lecture (6-8pm), dinner (8-10pm) and a social (10pm onwards) every Monday which you will be expected to attend. In the lectures we will discuss how to conduct research, there will be presentations by the various subgroups, guest lectures about Greece culture and several workshops. The dinners and socials are a great way to get to know everyone. Next to these activities you are expected to actually prepare your specific research together with your subgroup, which will mostly be done during the preparatory phase of the trip. In total, ESR will cost you about 6-10 hours per week.


Greece’s economic revival is still a work in progress since Greece’s debt crisis started in late 2009. The global financial crisis hit Greece hard, leading to strict and severe measures. However, the country has made big steps forward in the past few years with Athens at the forefront of this change. Athens holds a vital role in Greece's economic story. With a rich history stretching back millennia, this city full of stunning architecture and incredible culture is recovering. Among several economic challenges and instabilities, new business opportunities are emerging. 


How are businesses mitigating the challenges of an unstable economy? Has this economic crisis impacted the emergence of new business opportunities? Is digitalization playing a role towards Athens as a business hub? These and much more interesting questions are the starting point for our research on the economic recovery and evolving business opportunities in the changing economic landscape of Greece.


To conduct research on the research theme ‘’From Gloom to Boom: Exploring the Economic Recovery and Changing Business Opportunities in Athens’’ you will be divided into five subgroups. In these subgroups you will investigate research questions and conduct research specific to your subject. Every subtheme is linked to the main research theme. During the lectures and workshops, you will get the chance to acquire the necessary skills to conduct business research and to come up with a theoretical framework and conceptual model. Together with your subgroup you will discuss your findings during the lectures and get the chance to get feedback from either the committee or the professors. The final product will include advice from every group to the companies. With the main research theme in mind, we have established five sub themes by which we want to investigate our main research theme in a more detailed manner. The five subthemes are Business Climate, CSR, Digitalization, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and Risk Management.


Business Climate

The evolving business climate in Athens reveals the city's adaptability to change. This sub theme will investigate how changing policy and business climate are influencing investment and business practices. It demonstrates Athens' capacity to attract both local and international enterprises, even in difficult times, creating an ecosystem that supports economic revival and sustainable growth.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Athens' economic revival is marked by a growing awareness of the long-term role businesses play beyond profit generation. CSR is taken to the attention as companies consider their impact on society and the environment. This sub theme reflects how Greece businesses are aligning their values with sustainable practices, contributing positively to the community while pursuing financial growth. It illustrates the city's commitment to a recovery that prioritizes social and environmental well-being alongside economic gains.



As Athens navigates its economic recovery, digitalization emerges as a powerful catalyst. This sub theme will perform research on how businesses are utilizing technology to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and change their strategies to move their businesses out of unstable times. The integration of digital solutions serves as a baseline for sustained and future proof growth.


Innovation & Entrepreneurship 

In the middle of economic challenges, Athens becomes a breeding ground for innovation and entrepreneurship. It is mostly the difficult times that bring out the greatest innovations. This sub theme will investigate the city's capacity to adapt and reinvent itself. It highlights how start-ups and innovations are rebranding traditional industries, booming Athens' economic resurgence. By embracing innovation and entrepreneurship, the city shows its willingness to move forward and drive transformation.


Risk Management

Athens' economic recovery is not without its challenges, and risk management emerges as a critical subtheme. It emphasizes how businesses are changing and developing their strategies to navigate uncertainties and potential pitfalls. By delving into risk management practices, this subtheme highlights Athenian businesses strength in addressing vulnerabilities and building resilience towards a more stable and prosperous future.