EBF Business Dinner

EBF Business Dinner

Interested in Deloitte, Nedap, Achmea, BDO, De Heus, Elevation Group? During the EBF Business Dinner you will get a free three-course dinner while talking to a wide variety of companies, after which a Networking Social will take place. Prior to the dinner, all companies will give a presentation to give you a better insight and understanding about the organisation. Throughout the dinner you will switch companies per course, therefore giving you the opportunity to get in good contact with at least three companies. After the dinner you get the chance to talk to other companies or get in more depth with the same companies during the Networking Social.


16:45: Walk in at Feithhuis

17:00: Presentations

18:00: Business Dinner

20:30: Networking Social

22:00: End

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to get in contact with 
Deloitte, Nedap, Achmea, BDO, De Heus, Elevation Group. 

SIGN UP NOW! (Deadline: Sunday the 18th of February 23:59)