EBF Buddy Programme: Leaders

Buddy Leaders

Join us as a Buddy Leader for the EBF Buddy Programme and be the guide first-year students need to explore the stunning city of Groningen! 

As a Buddy Leader, you'll lead a squad of 5 or more new students, helping them kick off their student life. Get ready for exciting activities, unforgettable experiences, and a chance to make lifelong friends! 

📅 Mark your calendars for these events:
September 3rd: Climb the iconic Martini Tower, conquer a Crazy 88 challenge, and enjoy a delicious dinner!
September 30th: Show off your smarts at our legendary pub quiz!

Perks? We've got you covered:
- Free activities on September 3rd!
- Secured early bird tickets to the Beginning of the Year Party!

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity! Sign up before August 12th and enjoy this amazing journey with us.

For any additional information, send an email to z.faizi@ebfgroningen.nl