Possible Project Objectives


What kind of research will you do?

Here you can find an overview of the wide range of possible objectives for the projects.

Commercial Activities
Interesting parties, such as:

  • Potential clients
  • Potential distributors
  • Local companies

Competitor Analysis
The characteristics of competitors in a specific area can be mapped out, such as their:

  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Products and services
  • Prices
  • Quantity
  • Quality

Consumer Behavior
Potential and/or current target groups can be mapped out and with this:

  • Their size
  • Their buying behavior
  • Their purchasing power
  • How to segment within these groups
  • The areas in which these groups are concentrated

Distribution Analysis
The potential distribution channels can be analyzed by the selection of:

  • Possible agents
  • Joint ventures
  • Strategic alliances
  • Evaluation of current activities employed by representatives and agents

Feasibility Research
Evaluation of:

  • The feasibility of entering the markets of destination
  • The attractiveness of different entry modes
  • Specific needs for entering the markets of destination

Import- and Export Analysis
The import- and export possibilities of a company can be evaluated together with their logistic and legal aspects.

Sector Analysis

Insight in specific sectors can be of great value for a company:

  • A sector’s trends, opportunities and threats
  • Suppliers
  • Buyers
  • Distributors
  • Competitors
  • The infrastructure of a specific sector

The possibilities for the outsourcing of activities of a company can be investigated as well as the costs and conditions.