IBR application procedure

IBR 2020

Do you want to join IBR 2020 Malaysia & Vietnam?

Read the information carefully and apply for this unique experience!


If you want to join us on the IBR project, you:

  • Must be either a student at the Faculty of Economics and Business or a student Industrial Engineering and Management; Bachelor, Pre-Master or Master
    • English language skills are required
  • Must possess a minimum of 90 ECTS by the end of September 2019
  • Have to be in The Netherlands from the moment the preparation phase starts (November 2019)

To apply, you will have to hand in the following documents (in two fold and written in English) at 5414.0004.

  • An application letter in which you explain your motivation to apply for the IBR project, including
    • Your destination of preference, with motivation (you apply for the project in general, we try to take your preference into account)
    • Your committee of preference, with motivation (see committees)
  • Your curriculum vitae (including student number)
  • 1 photo of yourself (printed is sufficient)
  • Appendix with:

In the last week of September and in October the selection procedure will take place, which is spread over four weeks and will consist of the following three parts: making a case, an interview about the case and a personal interview. At the end of October we will announce the selected participants for IBR 2020!

For questions, please send an e-mail to h.fortuin@ibrgroningen.nl
Or come by our office 5414.0004 for a cup of coffee!