IBR Committees


IBR Committees

All participants will - besides their research - be active in an IBR Committee!

Which committee would you like to do?

Acquisition Committee

The members of this committee support the External Relations of the Executive Board by assisting with the acquisition. The tasks that the members of this committee fulfill are e.g. visiting seminars, calling companies and important contacts, and visiting companies together with the externals. The workload of this committee will be most intense in the first months (Mid-November until January). This is because the acquisition expected to be completed during this period.

Marketing and Yearbook Committee

The Marketing and Yearbook Committee is responsible for the in-depth country analysis reports that will be written by the whole group. Furthermore, this committee will compile a yearbook after return. Next to this, the Marketing and Yearbook Committee members will provide the group members with the latest news and articles about the country of destination on a regular base. Throughout the year, this committee is also responsible for updating the group and contacts in the Netherlands during the field research period about important events concerning IBR. In this creative committee, new ideas and initiatives are highly appreciated, e.g. website, letters to parents, the yearbook and other newsletters. Besides, this committee will also spend some time in assisting with the acquisition of the IBR project. Up until a few weeks before we leave, the workload is consistent. The workload will be going up shortly before and after our time abroad; as a means to finish the yearbook. It is expected that the set-up of the yearbook will be finished before departure. Upon return, the remaining pictures and stories will be added. 

 Activity and Commercial Committee

The Activity and Commercial Committee will organize all internal activities, such as Sinterklaas, a Christmas dinner, parents’ day and other trips. Just like the Marketing and Yearbook Committee, the members of this committee can use their creativity and undertake their own initiatives. One of the responsibilities of this committee is organizing the IBR farewell-party together. Furthermore, the members will try to get sponsors, gifts for companies that will be visited in the country of destination, laptops, suits, travel kits etc. Besides, this committee will also spend some time in assisting with the acquisition of the IBR project. The workload of this committee during the year is consistent. In the beginning the focus will be on organizing activities and acquisition. From January on, the acquisition will be settled and the priorities will be on finding sponsors and working on the pre-research of your company.