Participants' past experiences


IBR Participant's Experiences

How did previous IBR participants experience our project? Below you find two descriptions of two participants that joined us to Vietnam and South-Africa & Mozambique.

“It all started in October 2016. The beginning of my IBR adventure. I am thankful I participated in IBR Vietnam 2017 because it was the best decision I have ever made. IBR is a perfect combination between working abroad and traveling with a great group of other driven students. All in all, living and working abroad has improved my skills. The skills I gained during this interesting and challenging year truly enriched me with a lot of useful and valuable experiences which probably will be of a great use in the near future.

After a careful selection procedure our group was formed. Although we had a group of diversified students, this turned out to be an awesome group. We got to know each other very well after our first participant’s weekend. Surprisingly, we all shared the same love for beer. Our favourite weekly pub, the Brouwerij, will confirm this definitely. I really enjoyed all our social activities such as, Sinterklaas, the Sushi Mall, the Monday evenings and finally all our crazy weekends in Vietnam.

In January, together with my research partner, we started our research for a large company, namely AkzoNobel. The goal of this research was to gain a good understanding of the salt lick market for dairy cattle in Vietnam. Moreover, we had to point out business opportunities for AkzoNobel. In April, it was finally time to go to Vietnam. We started our field research in Hanoi for two weeks. Thereafter, we went to Ho Chi Minh for the last three weeks. Using bikes, we visited several farms, distributors and some other knowledgeable people. Based on the gathered information, the end report was written. While researching, I have learned invaluable lessons. It’s an opportunity to put all obtained theory into practice.

Finally, the traveling period started after five weeks of research. Together with four other girls I travelled through Vietnam and Sri Lanka. We had such a great time! I believe IBR is an excellent opportunity to make new friends, use theory from studies in practice, and travel abroad. Therefore, I would like to recommend IBR to all of you!”

Nina Algra – Participant Vietnam 2017

“This year I participated in the IBR project and went to South Africa and Mozambique. I am 23 years old and I started the master Finance last year. It was a great experience to combine the serious work and travelling! I really like the social aspect of IBR: the weekly socials, participant’s weekend, and activities like Sinterklaas, girls’ night and all you can eat in the Sushi Mall! We got to know each other very well and I made good friends.

In the preparation period, we followed an acquisition training that helped us with acquiring companies. The research couples were carefully (and perfect!) made by the board in December. In February, we started our desk research for a company that produces water storage tanks and in April it was finally time to go to Africa! After an exhausting flight to Johannesburg, we directly started with our research and called some extra companies that we could visit there. We did our research in Johannesburg for all five weeks, because the most relevant companies for our research were there. It was very educational to put all theory what I’ve learned at the university into practice. We did a lot of interviews with sales and procurement directors.

After the five weeks of research, we had an amazing weekend with the whole group at the beach in Mozambique. After this weekend the travelling period started, which I did with four other girls! First, we drove along the southern coastline of South Africa. After that, we flew to Namibia to rent a 4×4 car and toured through Namibia and Botswana. We saw some beautiful nature and, of course, spotted animals! We saw many zebras, giraffes, antelopes, elephants and nine(!) lions, of which one whelp that was only one week old. We finished the trip with a joint weekend with all students! Overall, IBR is an experience I will never forget.”

Anna Koerhuis – Participant South Africa and Mozambique 2017