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About the EBF

The EBF is the Economics and Business Faculty associtation of the University of Groningen. With 4500 members the EBF is the largest student organization of Groningen. The EBF supports students during their studies and offers them a way to develop next to their study by organizing more than 50 activities. Next to study and personal development an important goal for the EBF is to build bridges between students and their future employers. By bringing students in direct contact with our business partners we want to help our students launch their future career.

The EBF offers its business partners a variety of options to get in touch with students

  • Direct Mail

  • Website Banner

  • Company profile & vacancies

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • EBF Vlog

  • EBF Journal 

  • Custom made events

By partnering with the EBF we bring your company at the attention of all students at the Faculty of Economics and Business. We have a long history in collaboration with business partners in various manners. By organizing events such as the EBF Conference and Recruitment Days we offer students and our partners the opportunity to meet each other. At our partners request we can offer tailor made recruitment events varying form a business dinner to a 6 week Business Challenges.

Interested in what the EBF can do for your company?

Contact the EBF Commercial Officer 2022-2023:

Luuk Haaijer 

+31 (0) 648149955