Frequently Asked Questions


On this page, you can find frequently asked questions about the EBF. If you question is not answered on this page, you can send an email to

Q: How do I become an EBF member?
A: You can sign up on our website. Membership is only €7,50 a year!

Q: I have a question about the EBF Booksale
A: For information about the EBF Booksale you can visit our website or send an email to

Q: Where can we find you?
A: The EBF Board Room (5414.0046) is in the Study Associations wing of the Duisenberg Building at the Zernike Campus. The entrance to the Study Associations wing is behind the Student Support Desk in the Duisenberg Plaza.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: You can send an email to, call the EBF Secretary & HR Officer at (0031) 6 22333781, or drop by our office!

Q: Are the EBF’s events open to international students?
A: The large majority of our events is completely in English, and is therefore, open to international students. The language of the events is always indicated in the event description on our Facebook page.

Q: When can I apply for an EBF Committee?
A: You can apply for an EBF Committee in both September and February! Keep an eye out for the specific deadlines on our website.

Q: Are the EBF Committees open for international students?
A: Most of our committees are open for international students! You can find out if fluency in Dutch is required to apply for a specific committee on our committee page.

Q: Do I need a lot of prior experience to join an EBF Committee?
A: You do not need any prior experience to be able to join an EBF Committee! A lot of the EBF Active Members have their committee work as their first experience. Joining an EBF Committees is a great way to start building up your CV.

Q: Do I need to send in my CV when I sign up for events?
A: For the vast majority of the EBF’s events you need no knowledge on the topics that are discussed at all; the events are meant to be accessible to all FEB students unless otherwise indicated. Therefore, for most events, you do not need to send in your CV; just sign up and gain new experiences and insights!

Q: What is the difference between a student association and a study association?
A: A student association, such as a social club or sports assocation, is open to students from all studies, and often focuses on recreation and social events. Study associations, such as the EBF, are only open to students who are studying at specific faculty that assocation serves. The EBF not only organises social, but also career and study related events. The EBF offers the whole package! It is also good to know that there is no initiation period (“ontgroening”) when you become a(n) (active) member!

Q: I have a questions regarding my EBF Account and/or Membership
A: If you have any questions regarding your EBF Account and/or Membership you can send an email to