IBR application procedure


Do you want to join IBR 2020 Malaysia & Vietnam?

Read the information carefully and apply for this unique experience!


If you want to join us on the IBR project, you:

  • Must be either a student at the Faculty of Economics and Business or a student Industrial Engineering and Management; Bachelor, Pre-Master or Master
    • English language skills are required
  • Must possess a minimum of 90 ECTS by the end of September 2019
  • Have to be in The Netherlands from the moment the preparation phase starts (November 2019)

To apply, you will have to hand in the following documents at 5414.0004.

  • An application letter in which you explain your motivation to apply for the IBR project, including
    • Your destination of preference, with motivation (you apply for the project in general, we try to take your preference into account)
    • Your committee of preference, with motivation (see committees)
  • Your curriculum vitae (including student number)
  • 1 photo of yourself (printed is sufficient)
  • Appendix with:
    • The dates and times during the application phase (all weekdays between the 23rd of September and the 25th of October) in which you are NOT available for interviews etc.
    • Your planning for the coming year (e.g. holidays, study, semester abroad, internships)
    • *A certified list of marks (via the Student Support Desk or http://www.rug.nl/feb/education/exchange/courseinformation/request-for-certified-academic-transcript) which you will have to hand in hard-copy at the IBR Room (see contact). If you are e-mailing us in the weekend a preliminary overview of your credits in Progress will do until you are able to hand in the hard-copy.

In the last week of September and in October the selection procedure will take place, which is spread over four weeks and will consist of the following three parts: making a case, an interview about the case and a personal interview. At the end of October we will announce the selected participants for IBR 2020!

For questions, please send an e-mail to h.fortuin@ibrgroningen.nl
Or come by our office 5414.0004 for a cup of coffee!