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EBF Book sale

With the EBF you will always have the lowest price possible on your books, both for your physical books and on your e-books. 

The EBF will deliver your books all over the world. So you will have all the books you need to pass your exams whether this is Australia, Brazil or Indonesia, the EBF is there for you.

Order now!

As an EBF Member you can order your books for the lowest price possible. For international books you receive the maximum discount of 13%. On Dutch books you receive a discount of 10% during the collective order periods and 5%* during other times. 
In order to make sure your booklist is up to date, the booksale will be published every quarter, this means you can only order books for block 1A right now. 


This year the EBF Book sale will be completely online and the books will be delivered right to your doorstep! You can order your books by clicking the button below. There you can select your year and studies so that you can see which books you need. Note: always check if you order the correct books. The books will be delivered at home within one week if the books are in stock. You can register for the EBF Booksale when you order your books. For questions about your order send an e-mail to

Please note: You can’t order books at the address of the EBF! The books will be sent back immediately!


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