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About ACT Commodities

Hello, we are ACT. The global leader in trading environmental commodities. We’re not your typical financial company. We shook up the world of commodity trading when we entered the market in 2009, and now we want to shake up your career with an offer you can’t refuse: a personally tailored traineeship and the chance to become a successful Sales Trader. All you need to offer is your talent, ambition and the right amount of flair. If you don’t possess these qualities, don’t worry, you can stop reading now…

No really, we mean it. You can stop reading…

Okay, so you’re still here. That means you’re not easily scared. Good! Because that’s one of the most important qualities you’ll need to become a successful Sales Trader. As a Sales Trader you’ll operate in the world’s most dynamic and vibrant trading and commodity markets. You’ll have the freedom to be an entrepreneur, create a client portfolio, build relationships, identify and source suitable products, negotiate terms and, the best part, close the deals. As an ACT Commodities Sales Trader, you get to do it all!

But don’t worry, you won’t be on your own. In our personally tailored traineeship, we’ll give you all the knowledge and support you need to develop your skills.

Becoming a successful trader starts with recognizing a good deal. And that’s exactly what we’re offering you. This is your chance to catapult your career as a Sales Trader and build a successful trading business together with us.

Still not scared? That’s great! Check out our website at