International Development Project Committee

International Development Project Committee

The EBF is setting up a new project! The International Development Project is responsible for organizing a 4-week trip to South Africa while conducting research following the sustainable development guidelines written by the United Nations. 

The EBF's newest project is entering its next phase! 

The IDP committee is responsible for several parts of the project, including the logistics, obtaining acquisition and recruiting the participants of the project! Logistics include finding places to stay and ensuring everything runs smoothly in South Africa. While recruiting the participants means you are responsible for conducting all the interviews and ensuring the social aspect isn't forgotten by organizing different socials and dinners to ensure all participants are ready for the trip to South Africa!


For next year's edition, the EBF will be recruiting a new International Development Project Committee! The next IDP will be going to South Africa in May 2025. Are you ready for a new adventure? Are you eager to work on a big research project, taking place in Stellenbosch, South Africa? Together with five other committee members, you will be in charge of the organisation, recruitment of participants and the programme for the first two weeks in Stellenbosch. After these first two weeks of conducting research, you and your committee members as well as all participants get the chance to travel by themselves. Are you ready to develop your skills, work closely together with five other committee members, and have the experience of a lifetime? Then you should apply for the International Development Project Committee! After applying for the committee, by sending your motivation letter and CV before Friday May 17th 17:00 you will get a short case on Friday the 17th of May at 17:00.  The deadline for handing in the case is Sunday the 19th of May at 23:59.

If you have any more questions about the committee, take a look at the IDP page, read our FAQ Page or send an email to

Joining the committee

Fluency in Dutch not required
10 - 20 hours
Recruitment period
Suitable for
2nd, 3rd, MSc
Chairman, Commercial Relations, Logistics, Public Relations, Treasurer
Social skills, Acquisitions skills, Creative skills, Network skills, Presentation skills, Leadership skills, Organisational skills

Application for this committee is closed.

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