EBF Lustrum III

EBF ALL IN: The cards are in your hand...

In honour of the 15-year anniversary of the EBF Groningen, an amazing third lustrum will be organised! From the 19th till the 30th of September, you will have the chance to enjoy all kinds of activities and events, all to celebrate this unique anniversary. 

Do you dare to go ALL IN? EBF ALL IN is the theme of this lustrum, as we want to encourage you to go all in on the choices you make, your experiences, and your student life in general. It does not matter whether you have been around for a while or if you are a first-year student, the cards are in your hands…

Check out the lustrum program below for the amazing events that await you and be sure to get your tickets soon!

Monday 19th of September: EBF Lustrum Kick-Off Festival
To start off two unforgettable weeks, an extravagant Lustrum Festival will be organised. Three artists will be headlining this festival! Get ready to dance the night away with good music, food and most importantly, Go ALL IN!

Get your tickets from Friday the 24th of June, 17:00 onwards on this page!

Tuesday 20th of September: Rooftop cinema
After a long night of partying, the next evening will be filled with a rooftop cinema. This is the perfect cure for your hangover! Get cozy with your friends and watch a movie while watching the sun set, in Las Vegas style!

Wednesday 21st of September: Informal Company event
The cards are in your hands, not only to party, but also to make connections for your study and career.  For the third Lustrum we give students the chance to connect with our main and general partners in an informal setting through a workshop in Las Vegas style and a fancy dinner!

Thursday 22nd of September: Charity Day
For the first time, we will have a renowned charity partner. For this, we will have an event for the first half of the day, and a fundraiser during the evening. 

Friday 23th  & Saturday 24nd of September: Alumni weekend 
Just like in Las Vegas this weekend will be chique and over the top. So put on your favourite dress or your nicest suit and enjoy a lovely time at a magical place. 

Monday 26th of September: Career-day 
Once again, we will give students the opportunity to go all-in on their future by enhancing their career path during this insightful career day. 

Tuesday 27th of September: Etiquette diner
During a fancy diner at an even fancier location, you will get the opportunity to dine with your friends whilst learning all the correct etiquettes that correspond with dining.

Wednesday 28th of September: Interim day
Casino royale is THE place to be in Las Vegas, and it just so happened that we got a casino royale ourselves. The entire interim will get to compete against each other and the richest person wins!

Friday 30th of September: Final party
One final time everybody will get to party and celebrate the 15th anniversary of EBF. The drinks will be unlimited, just like the fun everyone will have. With Las Vegas as the theme and All-in as the mindset, you will have the time of your life! 

The first tickets for the Final Party will be available in combination with a ticket for the Kick Off Festival on Friday the 24th of June 17:00 onwards on this page!


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