International Development Project

For the first time ever, EBF is initiating the International Development Project 2023-2024! This project will focus on conducting research in a foreign country for a period of two weeks, followed by two weeks of travelling across the country on your own terms! The destination of this pilot will be the beautiful country of South Africa. And the good news is: you can join us there and be part of this adventure! The IDP committee will recruit 15 highly motivated CV-selected FEB students in the first two weeks of February. The actual trip itself is scheduled from May 3rd 2024, up until May 30th 2024.

Moreover, the research in South Africa will be carried out in collaboration with Stellenbosch University according to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. To prepare you for the journey, you will be asked to attend a course (5 ECTs) dedicated to this project to fully equip you with the skills necessary to conduct your research.


We as a committee are working really hard on getting funds from companies and subsidies but are also reliable on voluntary donations.In order for our students to be able to conduct their research in Stellenbosch, they need to raise money themselves as well. And that is where you might come in! We would therefore highly appreciate the gesture of a donation, big or small, in order for us to continue with the research project. All the money donated will be used only for the research part of the project. 

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