Study support

The EBF wants to support its members during their study by providing services to make studying easier. With the book sale, high quality summaries and professional exam trainings and thesis support the EBF is your partner in Study.

  • Book sale

    As an EBF member you can order your books at the lowest price possible! Sign in with your book sale account and order them right away!

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    Book sale
  • Summaries

    The EBF offers its members high quality summaries from Tentamentrainingen with a special discount up to 20%!

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  • Exam trainings

    The EBF offers its members professional exam trainings of Tentamentrainingen with a special discount of 20%!

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    Exam trainings
  • Quest

    Quest is the foundation affiliated with the EBF, which tries to improve the quality of education at the Faculty of Economics and Business.

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    AIESEC offers students the opportunity to become a global volunteer and take action towards world issues. All EBF Members receive a 10% discount on the volunteer projects.

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